Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Tickled Pink

Not a lot to report on the creative front other than finishing off the beetroot dyed/recycled piece that I began a while ago. I added some little found feathers which were hellish to colour up because of their resistance to liquids (obviously!) so ended up using markal sticks and just brushed the colour on with very light strokes. I quite like the results.


Carol said...

Oh yumm!!! Love the colour and the background, the feathers look ace!

Clippy Mat said...

now i feel creative jan. i dropped a jar of beetroot on my friend's carpet once and it completely changed the look of it. we tried everything to get it out and then we realized that it blended in and even added something to the green/burgundy pattern... (yeuch). i'm an artist like you and i didn't even know it. LOL