Sunday, 2 March 2008

Felt like Dyeing

A little bit of confectionary thinking time ... my dentist is going to love me!

I need some dyed felt for my next project and prefer the all in one acid dyes, just sprinked on in a plastic bag with a little water then pop in the microwave for a few minutes, I have to add that I keep an old microwave for this purpose.I usually leave to cool before handling.
A good day for drying.

A Happy Accident

I was messing about with beetroot the other day- in the culinary sense you understand and accidentally spilled the jar - what a mess or so i thought. After some mopping up with numerous sheets of kitchen paper 'A what if ' moment occurred - lunch put on hold momenterily while some tie dying and pattern making occured. I left the tied, beetroot juice paper overnight to completly dry out. Soaked some more paper, clamped it with clothes pegs. dipped various size rings into the beetroot juice and printed.

when it was all completely dry the unravelling took place, this is not easy, it did take patience so I didn't tear the paper. (Forgive the naff photography, it was the wee small hours).There were some lovely marks left in the tie-dyed pieces and the scrunched surface unfurled to a beautiful petal.
This was my result: I free machined a printed background with a vermicelli stitch, giving it a really good quilted effect with more papers between and hand stitched interesting areas. 'The petal' was applied with hand and machine stitch and included the dyed cotton string for tendrills.
The centre of 'the flower', has some little words and text.

Museum revisited

The following three pieces are inspired by the victorian children's clothing collection.These are all worked in the most delicate, fragile silk paper, with inclusions and machine embroidery.

The tiny bootees are just wonderful.
This piece is fabulous and due to my poor photography is probably not doing Joy's work the justice it so deserves. The box is custom made (by her artist husband, John) to an ammonite shape, it has 2 perfectly functional drawers with the most beautiful turned handles. Joy used a fusion of stitching and embellishing techniques to complete the aged and well worn effect....... I loved this piece and she's such a gorgeous person. Another take on 'Fossily things', this sculpture is crunchy and so tactile

Meniscus at the museum

Because my blog just didn't appreciate the size of the slide show I've replaced it with more static images which, on reflection is far more audience friendly. I can't give away too much info on individual pieces without consent but will give brief descriptions .... enough to wet the appetite.
The source of inspiration for the pendulum is self explicit, it came from the grandfather clocks placed along the hall ways. The shapes are superb, printed and expertly machine embroidered,

Fran took inspiration for her pieces from the swirly surface design of an old pot, from this she produced a very up to the minute wearable wrap. A wall canvas

the most beautiful tightly beaded pin, echoing the shape of her design.