Friday, 18 April 2008

Size Matters

I've uploaded the piccies from the last post again, hopefully this time they will all open!

The rustic bag complete with a glue gun motif.

Card for Carol. Patination fluid to 'age' the motif.

glue gun motifs.

A close up of the finished petals with stitch.

The dried hydrangea petals

coloured glue gun strands applied to the background fabric.

the completed arch


Carol said...

This photo of my card does not do it justice Jan (and they never do dothey!) the colours are so lovely, it went straight on my card hanger and I have to touch it every time I go past. Thanks for such a thoughful gift. Love the bag and the arch, your surfaces are always so yummy. Love carol

Carol said...

Forgot to say, LURVE the handles!!!

Dianne said...

Wow = Love that bag!!

Jackie said...

The flower headslok beautiful embedded in the fabric. Well done.

Cathy W said...

Not sure how I've missed reading your blog, Jan, as your work is wonderful! I especially love this last arch -- may have to come back & read further back into your earlier postings! I love your art!!!