Friday, 3 April 2009

Tempus Fugit

Hello everyone this is my return to blog land after a very long and unintentional sabbatical.... sorry but life seemed to just get in the way, you know how it is sometimes?.Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things slowly ( if i can remember how to do all of this!) I have tried to keep the old arthriticky fingers busy throughout the past few months and will bring you up to speed with some of the lovely work I've received with the Textile challenge group, my efforts in response to the challenges and most recently the work exhibited by Meniscus at the NEC last month.

The exhibition was a great success, judging by some the of the lovely comments passed and as work was sold, so a great weekend all round.It's the first time since joining this group that I've been involved in the setting up procedure, a daunting task but made so easy with the help and expertise of the other girls involved.The following pieces are just some of the work ; Above is Fran's tiny dancer (my title not hers) a gorgeous piece made from silk paper complete with ballet slippers ... just beautiful.

Helen's creation: a waterfall of dyed silks and scrim with the inclusion of delicate pieces of ceramic hidden within the folds.

Sue is an accomplished master of felt, in particular carving of the industrial sort! and as this is only a snippet of the actual huge piece i feel it doesn't fully give justice to her work, but hopefully you can appreciate the intricacy of the Celtic design.

Another piece from Helen showing her designs on fibre and ceramic.

These next two pieces are my contribution, a collar/shawl made up from transparent sheers, , free machined with metallic threads in a design taken from my theme of of shells and ammonites.

This is a little bag I made from knitting wire and beaded fishing line together, it's lined with silk and the handle is clear tubing which I've also beaded. A truly functional piece but i wouldn't like to make another as it was a definite labour of love.

Two super pieces of mixed media work from Anne and inspired from her garden theme. As Anne is a relative newcomer to Meniscus I really don't know a lot about her work other than she's terrifically talented and exhibited many times before.

For me this was a show stopper. A quirky but beautifully constructed corset by Joy called; 'He loves fishing more than me'! A vibrancy of colour with so many textures and stitch techniques. I'll post a full piccie later - i know i have another lurking somewhere. Found it - a little disjointed maybe but please see beginning of posting.
Our next group meeting is looming, the beginning of May and I'm way behind with my design and samples ... teacher wont be pleased! so will have to0 pull out all the stops in the next couple of weeks. I have some plans - don't we all! and a few rough ideas all based around a wrought iron theme, my fabric samples are in a rough form too so it all needs pulling together ... must press on.

OOPS Shame on me but I can't remember who produced this lovely piece, think perhaps it was Julie? sorry in advance.

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Carol said...

SOOOOO glad to see you back. Missed you soooo mcuh. Lovely work, here where's yours??????