Tuesday, 5 February 2008

I always seem to have to go through the same old designing principles before getting to anything worthy of stitch, taking me forever to 'get it off the page' (as Carol T will no doubt testify!) I love the process but sometimes it takes over and i tend to go off on one so if anyone has any helpful tips/advice all will be gratefully received.After quick sketches and painted papers I decided to continue my theme of using recycled paper. The quality of Some of my photographs leave a lot to be desired but hope you'll get the idea.

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Carol said...

Oh my word treasure haven't you been busy! How bloody amazing is this work. I LOVE it! This has turned out so much better than I imagined, i love the final clutch, blooody amazing Jan, i forgive you for being quiet if this is what you have been up to!!!! Now challenge - keep your blogging up! Love you! carol t