Friday, 8 February 2008

bags with paper and stitch

The general idea is that you cover the reverse side of the fabric with coffee or tea dyed newspaper, free machine stitch in 'meandering vertical lines' then brush, teasel or pull away pieces of the paper - scissors are not allowed as the edges would be too neat. Sounds a piece of cake, doesn't it? Well as you can see from my samples all i seem to manage is a furry mess. If anyone has attempted this please feel free to offer advice ... before the whole lot is binned.

I've been playing around with 'papers as background fabrics' for years, preffering to recycle rather that buy. So finding isobell Hall's book 'bags with paper and stich was a revelation, now there's something to make with all of the papers i produce. At college everyone is at it too, we are all producing the same bag but obviously with our own individual interpretations, should be interesting. Ms Hall recommends that the right furnishing fabric is key to this project, you need a design that is loosely woven at the back for distressing purposes. This sounds easier said than done, I must have raided every charity shop, market stall and furnishing shop in the area in search for the elusive 'loosley woven fabric'. Along the way I've sampled up with anything that looked right for the job but so far just mitigating disasters


Carol said...

I don't think you have a disater here, I think it is lovey. Did you maybe just go for it a bit heavy handed? If yu remember when we were in Brum they were very rustic and rough?

Sandy said...

I like the fabric. It's just a different look. Sandy

Jan said...

I agree Carol I have been rather heavy handed with the wire brush treatment! so I'm sticking with it and using a gentler method.
I can't remember seeing these at Brum!- wish I'd taken more notice.

Clippy Mat said...

jan: it looks amazing, to moi, with the non-creative, non-artistic bone in my body eye. so proud of you. xxx