Sunday, 2 March 2008

A Happy Accident

I was messing about with beetroot the other day- in the culinary sense you understand and accidentally spilled the jar - what a mess or so i thought. After some mopping up with numerous sheets of kitchen paper 'A what if ' moment occurred - lunch put on hold momenterily while some tie dying and pattern making occured. I left the tied, beetroot juice paper overnight to completly dry out. Soaked some more paper, clamped it with clothes pegs. dipped various size rings into the beetroot juice and printed.

when it was all completely dry the unravelling took place, this is not easy, it did take patience so I didn't tear the paper. (Forgive the naff photography, it was the wee small hours).There were some lovely marks left in the tie-dyed pieces and the scrunched surface unfurled to a beautiful petal.
This was my result: I free machined a printed background with a vermicelli stitch, giving it a really good quilted effect with more papers between and hand stitched interesting areas. 'The petal' was applied with hand and machine stitch and included the dyed cotton string for tendrills.
The centre of 'the flower', has some little words and text.


MargaretR said...

That is a lovely result!

Clippy Mat said...

hey, i'm an artist too. i usually get more on the napkin than in my mouth and often the end result looks like this. who knew i could create 'art'?