Sunday, 5 August 2007

A Journal cover for carol

The most recent piece of work that I've completed was a journal cover an accompanying card etc for my great friend carol of (check her out if you haven't already done so ... amazing work). This again was part of a group swap and i have to admit to being very late with this one ... sorry carol ,but she was pleased with the results. As I'm beginning all new design work for Meniscus and the forthcoming exhibitions I decided to link this Carol's journal and seized the opportunity to use some of the samples which i was playing around with.

Carol loves purple so the colour was with her in mind, my meniscus work will be totally different.

The 'fabric' I used was tissue paper bonded to calico (I always try and make my own fabric whenever possible) silk paints to dye, with walnut ink and silver webbing spray, the effect was quite stunning and especially once I began stitching experimentally with various twin needles and metallic threads. The motif was a small slip of melted felt and hand made cords placed on the front. I found that by 'stuffing' the lines of stitch at the back this gave a nice raised trapunto effect - note the post card ... lots more playing to do there.


Carol said...

I do LOVE it!!! So glad to see you blogging. Best of luck my lovely!

Homeleightigger said...

Welcome to Blogland Jan - It does get easier and then becomes addictive - believe it. From one who knows!! Val
PS. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff - it all looks absolutely gorgeous.

Clevelandgurlie said...

Love your journal Jan. So glad you decided to start a blog so I can follow and learn from your wonderful adventures, as I've done in the past from our two Yahoo Groups. Can't wait to se what you do next!!

Dianne said...

This is really lovely - such a gorgeous surface!!
Welcome to the world of blogging!!